Meet with Your Representatives

Elected officials prefer to hear directly from their own constituents. Meeting in person and sharing your story helps personalize the issue and give weight to your voice. If you cannot meet in person then call / email.

Once session begins January 8th, please call / e-mail DAILY in support of the ratification. The opposition will be making a lot of noise and so must supporters.

Now through January 6th, schedule an in-district visit with your legislator.

January 7th through the ratification you’ll need to meet with your legislator at the Pocahontas Building in Richmond, VA.


  • Find who you need to contact: A Virginia ratification will be done by the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates so you need to look up your State Senator and State Delegate.
  • Bring diverse constituents: Legislators expect ERA supporters to be middle-aged, liberal, and female. Show them that the ERA has broad support. Bringing men will show legislators that this is not just a women’s issue.
  • Be disciplined in your messaging: The best way to build support for ratification is to keep communication positive, bipartisan, inclusive, and single-issue. Avoid conflating this with other issues you care about. Do not wear or bring accessories or materials for other groups or issues when you work on the ERA. Encourage legislators to support ratification, rather than dwelling on past “no” votes.
  • Share your story: Explain why this issue matters to you and how it affects you, your family, and/or your community.