In the 2019 General Assembly session, 26 Senators supported the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment by voting for SJ284. The remaining 14 Senators did not support ratification. If you need to look up your Virginia Senator you can do so at

(Nov ’19 race status/link will open the district race page at – race status listed is as of 3/6/2019)

Senators who supported constitutional gender equality

Monty Mason (D) 1st District (unopposed)

Mamie Locke (D) 2nd District (unopposed)

Tommy Norment (R) 3rd District (Dem challenge)

Lionell Spruill (D) 5th District (Ind challenge)

Lynwood Lewis (D) 6th District (Dem primary; no other opposition)

Frank Wagner (R) 7th District (**Retiring**Dem primary)

William DeSteph (R) 8th District (Dem challenge)

Jennifer McClellan (D) 9th District (unopposed)

Glen Sturtevant (R) 10th District (Dem primary/challenge)

Siobhan Dunnavant (R) 12th District (Dem primary/challenge)

Rosalyn Dance (D) 16th District (unopposed)

Louise Lucas (D) 18th District (unopposed)

John Edwards (D) 21st District (unopposed)

Emmett Hanger (R) 24th District (Rep primary; Dem challenge)

Creigh Deeds (D) 25th District (unopposed)

Jill Vogel (R) 27th District (Dem challenge)

Jeremy McPike (D) 29th District (unopposed)

Adam Ebbin (D) 30th District (unopposed)

Barbara Favola (D) 31st District (Dem primary; no other opposition)

Janet Howell (D) 32nd District (unopposed)

Jennifer Boysko (D) 33rd District (Dem primary; no other opposition)

Chap Petersen (D) 34th District (unopposed)

Richard Saslaw (D) 35th District (Dem primary; no other opposition)

Scott Surovell (D) 36th District (unopposed)

Dave Marsden (D) 37th District (unopposed)

George Barker (D) 39th District (unopposed)

Senators who did NOT support constitutional gender equality

Ryan McDougle (R) 4th District (unopposed)

Amanda Chase (R) 11th District (Dem primary/challenge)

Dick Black (R) 13th District (**Retiring** Republican primary; Democratic primary)

John Cosgrove (R) 14th District (unopposed)

Frank Ruff (R) 15th District (Rep primary; no other opposition)

Bryce Reeves (R) 17th District (Rep primary; Dem primary/challenge)

David Suetterlein (R) 19th District (unopposed)

Bill Stanley (R) 20th District (unopposed)

Mark Peake (R) 22nd District (unopposed)

Steve Newman (R) 23rd District (unopposed)

Mark Obenshain (R) 26th District (Dem challenge)

Richard Stuart (R) 28th District (Dem challenge)

Ben Chafin (R) 38th District (unopposed)

Charles Carrico (R) 40th District (**Running for other office**Rep primary; no other opposition)