To track legislation – use the Virginia General Assembly’s Lobbyist-in-a-Box and receive notifications when bills/resolutions are introduced or have any status changes.  Additionally, you can track by phrase and the system notifies you of new bills before the legislature.  To utilize this online feature, click here and refer to the legislation #s listed below.

New Proposed Rules Changes

  • HR274 – Chief Patron Delegate Hala Ayala introduced this procedural rule change on February 13th to force a floor vote on the ERA.
  • HR279 – Chief Patron Delegate Todd Gilbert filed this rules change on to change the number of votes required to approve Delegate Ayala’s rules change.
  • HR280 – Chief Patron Delegate Marcus Simon another rules change to create a second path for the ERA in response to Gilbert’s filing.

Read more at: Rule 81, five consecutive readings and one weird trick advocates hope will get a floor vote on the ERA — Virginia Mercury, 2/14/2019

Active Resolutions

Active ERA Resolutions

  • SJ284 – Chief Patron Senator Glen Sturtevant. Passed the Senate on January 15, 2019! SJ284 crossed over to House Privileges & Election Committee on January 17, 2019. Since SJ 284 has “crossed over” from the Senate to the House, it can remain in play all the way through the end of the session (February 23rd).

Active “Anti-ERA” Resolutions

  • SJ275 – Chief Patron Senator Amanda Chase. Passed by the Senate and referred to House Committee for Courts of Justice. Reported from the committee on 2/15. This resolution pays lip service to equality but avoids a meaningful vote on the Equal Rights Amendment.

Expired Resolutions

These resolutions were not voted on before crossover day (2/5) and expired.

House of Delegates – ERA Resolutions

  • HJ579 – Chief Patron Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy.
  • HJ583 – Chief Patron Del. Jeion Ward.
  • HJ577 – Chief Patrons Del. Sam Rasoul and Kaye Kory.

House of Delegates – “anti-ERA” Resolutions

  • HJ692 – Chief Patron Del. Mark Cole. This resolution paid lip service to equality but avoided a meaningful vote on the Equal Rights Amendment.