On Monday, August 26th, advocacy groups, civic groups, and legislators/candidates will host screenings of “On the Basis of Sex” to celebrate Women’s Equality Day. You can find an up-to-date list of all screenings around the state here.

If you would like to host a screening in your home, library, theater, or other venue we are here to make it easy for you!! Please check out the following resources

  1. VAratifyERA Event Checklist
  2. Invitations:
  3. Community Discussion Guide by Blueshift Education
  4. Event Planning Guide for Community Groups Thank you Participant Media!
  5. Coming Soon: handouts to print and share on August 26th
  6. Coming Soon: VAratifyERA video for after the movie
    (will be sent to hosts by August 22nd and posted online August 27th)

Once your event is published somewhere (Facebook, website, theater listings) please let Holly (HollyHuddle@gmail.com) know so we can add it to our listing / page. Holly will also disseminate the VAratifyERA campaign video the week before the screening, so please make sure she has your contact information.