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20/20 Vision for Equality Races

House of Delegates

District 2:  Democrat Jennifer Carroll Foy v. Republican Heather Mitchell?

District 10:  Democrat Wendy Gooditis v. Republican Randy Minchew?

District 13:  Democrat Danica Roem v. Republican Kelly McGinn

District 15:  Democrat Beverly Harrison+ v. Republican Todd Gilbert

District 18:  Democrat Laura Galante+ v. Republican Michael Webert

District 28:  Democrat Joshua Cole+ v. Republican Paul Milde

District 29:  Democrat Irina Khanin? v. Republican Chris Collins

District 30:  Democrat Ann Ridgeway+ v. Republican Nick Freitas (write-in; failed to qualify)

District 31:  Democrat Elizabeth Guzman v. Republican DJ Jordan

District 32:  Democrat David Reid (unopposed)

District 33:  Democrat Mavis Taintor+ v. Republican Dave LaRock

District 34:  Democrat Kathleen Murphy v. Republican Gary Pan?

District 35:  Democrat Mark Keam (unopposed)

District 36:  Democrat Ken Plum (unopposed)

District 37:  Democrat David Bulova (unopposed)

District 39:  Democrat Vivian Watts v. Republican Nick Bell?

District 40:  Democrat Dan Helmer+ v. Republican Tim Hugo

District 41:  Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn v. Independent John Wolfe? vs. Libertarian Rachel Mace?

District 42:  Democrat Kathy Tran v. Republican Steve Adragna?

District 43:  Democrat Mark Sickles v. Independent Gail Parker?

District 44:  Democrat Paul Krizek v. Republican Richard Hayden?

District 45:  Democrat Mark Levine(unopposed)

District 46:  Democrat Charniele Herring(unopposed)

District 47:  Democrat Patrick Hope(unopposed)

District 48:  Democrat Rip Sullivan (unopposed)

District 49:  Democrat Alfonso Lopez v. Independent Terry Modglin?

District 50:  Democrat Lee Carter v. Republican Ian Lovejoy?

District 51:  Democrat Hala Ayala v. Republican Rich Anderson?

District 52:  Democrat Luke Torian v. Republican Maria Martin?

District 53:  Democrat Marcus Simon (unopposed)

District 67:  Democrat Karrie Delaney (unopposed)

District 86:  Democrat Ibraheem Samirah (unopposed)

District 87:  Democrat Suhas Subramanyam+ v. Republican Bill Drennan

District 88:  Democrat Jess Foster+ v. Republican Mark Cole

   voted for HR274
  voted against HR274
+    publicly supportive of the ERA
–    publicly unsupportive of the ERA
?   public position unknown; drop us a line if you have a link
bold indicates incumbent

Virginia Senate

District 4:  Democrat Stan Scott+ v. Republican Ryan McDougle

District 13:  Democrat John Bell v. Republican Geary Higgins

District 17:  Democrat Amy Laufer+ v. Republican Bryce Reeves

District 24:  Democrat Annette Hyde+ v. Republican Emmett Hanger

District 27:  Democrat Ronnie Ross+ v. Republican Jill Vogel

District 28:  Democrat Qasim Rashid+ v. Republican Richard Stuart

District 29:  Democrat Jeremy McPike (unopposed)

District 30:  Democrat Adam Ebbin (unopposed)

District 31:  Democrat Barbara Favola (unopposed)

District 32:  Democrat Janet Howell v. Republican Arthur Purves

District 33:  Democrat Jennifer Boysko v. Republican Suzanne Fox?

District 34:  Democrat Chap Petersen (unopposed)

District 35:  Democrat Dick Saslaw (unopposed)

District 36:  Democrat Scott Surovell (unopposed)

District 37:  Democrat Dave Mardsen (unopposed)

District 39:  Democrat George Barker v. Republican Dutch Hillenburg?

   voted for SJ284 or HR274
  voted against SJ284
+    publicly supportive of the ERA
–    publicly unsupportive of the ERA
?   public position unknown; drop us a line if you have a link
bold indicates incumbent