VAratifyERA encourages all Virginians to be leaders in their communities, whether you define that community as a group of friends/family, a classroom, an organization, or a city/town!

A Message from Secretary Anne Holton

We need to raise the visibility on this important issue and on Virginia’s historic opportunity to be the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Whatever your interests, we want to support your efforts!

Remember: the best way to build support for ratification is to keep communication positive, nonpartisan, inclusive and single-issue.

‘Tis the Season to Spread the Word! Give the gift that keeps on giving: Constitutional Equality! Send holiday cards to your VA friends and family to let them know about the VAratifyERA campaign. Click here for details!

Legislator outreach – is your legislator a priority legislator?
1. Look up your state senator and delegate (two officials on the left)
2. Click here to view the list of priority legislators and specific asks so you know if your district is one of the most helpful districts.
3. If your legislator is on the list, consider setting up a meeting with your elected official(s). If you have a priority legislator someone from VAratifyERA will be happy to join you for the meeting, just let us know.
3. Host a postcard writing party with all the information you need available here!

Write a letter to the editor! Spread the word in 150 words or less. Click here for instructions and if you want someone to review it just send a copy to and we will be happy to help! You.Can.Do.It.!!!!!

Constituent outreach – (particularly if you are in a priority district!)
Host a holiday postcard party with all the information you need available here!
Not into postcards? No problem! Work with others in your area to create fun and educational opportunities as frequently as reasonable from now until the Equal Rights Amendment is ratified! Ideas: movies / speakers / tabling / happy hours

Save the date to join us for the January 9th 400th Anniversary / Welcome Back Party or one of our citizen advocacy days.
Facebook Event for Welcome Back Party

Links to citizen advocacy events (links will be added as available):
Facebook event – week 1 advocacy (Jan 7)
Facebook event – week 2 advocacy (Jan 14) 
Facebook event – week 3 advocacy (Jan 21)
Facebook event – week 4 advocacy (Jan 28)
Facebook event – week 5 advocacy (Feb 4)
Facebook event – week 6 advocacy (Feb 11)
Facebook event – week 7 advocacy (Feb 18)
Facebook event – week 8 advocacy (Feb 25)

Sign the petition and ask others to sign too!

Spread the word on social media! Click here for everything you need and make sure to include the petition link at!

Support the campaign! Click here to donate and here to purchase VAratifyERA merchandise!

As we do important advocacy and outreach, our approach should be:

  • Inclusive: The gender equity gap is most severe for women, particularly women of color. Boys and men are also impacted by the gender equity gap, whether they have employed mothers or are married to a woman who is underpaid. Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment will benefit EVERYONE.
  • Bipartisan: Success requires the support of Republican leadership. We need voters across the political spectrum to get involved and contact their lawmakers.
  • Single-issue: Keep ERA ratification front and center, separate from other issues you are working on. Do not wear or bring accessories or materials for other groups or issues when you work on the ERA.

Previous calls to action: