Virginia’s efforts to ratify the ERA making headlines! Catch-up with our favorites.

Current Highlights

Editorial: Equal Rights Amendment: It’s time, Virginia — Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/8/20

Virginia Poised To Ratify Equal Rights Amendment — NPR, 1/5/20

What happens after Virginia ratifies the ERA next year? Nobody’s quite sure. — Virginia Mercury, 11/12/19

The Equal Rights Amendment Is an Artifact No More — The Atlantic, 11/8/19

Congressional Democrats to Revive Equal Rights Amendment Push — The New York Times, 11/7/19

Virginia’s election results are a big deal for the Equal Rights Amendment — Vox, 11/6/19


YWC 19-27 ERA Update — Your Weekly Constitutional, 9/26/19

Woman’s Journal 2.0 Episode 5; Zoe Nicholson On the Beauty of A Hungry Heart — Woman’s Journal 2.0, 9/4/19

Podcast: CAN THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT BE REVIVED? — National Constitution Center, 2/7/2019

Podcast: ERA…in VA — Your Weekly Constitutional, 12/27/2018

PODCAST: VAratifyERA on Pantsuit Politics Show — 12/13/2018


Letter to the Editor: Piecemeal law— The Northern Virginia Daily, 10/25/19

Shanise Williams: Ratify ERA to advance women’s rights — The Virginian-Pilot, 10/11/19

Open Forum: Phineas laments lack of ERA passage in Virginia — Winchester Star, 10/7/19

COD, Oct. 4, 2019: ERA offers more uniform discrimination protection — Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/3/19

LETTER: Passage of ERA would be legitimate — Inside Nova, 9/25/19

Letters to the Editor: Time for Voters to Support Candidates for Equality — Falls Church News-Press, 9/23/19

Letter: Passage of ERA would be credit to Virginia — Inside Nova, 9/16/19

Want Equal Pay for Equal Play? Pass the ERA! — Women’s eNews, 9/3/19

Rep. Jackie Speier: ‘Our Fight Is Not Complete Until Women’s Rights Are Protected Under The Constitution’ — Elle, 9/1/19

Rasoul: Celebrate Women’s Equality Day by ratifying the ERA — The Roanoke Times, 8/24/2019

Women of color powering Women’s Equality Day — Fairfax County Times, 8/20/2019

Title IX at root of women’s team success — The Virginian Pilot, 6/28/2019

Additional News

Advocates Eye Virginia In Push To Ratify Equal Rights Amendment — WAMU, 11/11/19

Virginia Democrats’ victory could result in the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment — WUSA, 11/6/19

Column: Why, yes, Virginia, you can be the state that finally gets the Equal Rights Amendment added to the Constitution — Chicago Tribune, 11/6/19

The Fight to Ratify the ERA is in the Homestretch — Ms., 11/6/19

Why Virginia’s Election Results Mean the Equal Rights Amendment Could Finally Pass — Slate, 11/6/19

Virginia’s election results are a big deal for the Equal Rights Amendment — Vox, 11/6/19

Democratic sweep in Virginia gives new life to the Equal Rights Amendment — CNN, 11/6/19

Virginia, now in Democratic hands, will try to push the Equal Rights Amendment over the finish line — The Week, 11/6/19

VARatifyERA: Election result good news for women, girls across Virginia — Augusta Free Press, 11/5/19

Virginia voters hold fate of ERA in their hands — CNN, 11/4/19

Suffolk becomes unlikely ground zero for ERA ratification — The Virginian-Pilot, 11/1/19

Virginia State Legislature elections could determine fate of Equal Rights Amendment — MSNBC, 11/1/19

Action needed to protect women in the workforce — The Hill, 10/30/19

Nationwide ERA support for Virginia’s 2019 election — Augusta Free Press, 10/30/19

IOP Panelists Discuss Equal Rights Amendment and Women’s Suffrage at JFK Jr. Forum — The Harvard Crimson, 10/29/19

ERA advocates send 40,000 postcards to voters in five Virginia House districts — The Dogwood, 10/27/19

ERA activists are eyeing a win in Virginia. Is now the time? — AP News, 10/26/19

Economic insecurity tells chilling tale of gender pay gap — Arizona Capitol Times, 10/18/19

Queen Latifah empowers women at Richmond summit — Channel 6 CBS News, 10/15/19

I Scream for Equality’ visits Hampton University — Channel 13 ABC News, 10/10/19

IScream for Gender Equality — Fairfax Station Connection, 9/21/19

The Equal Rights Amendment may be one state away from being added to the U.S. Constitution. Could Virginia be that state? — Northern Virginia Magazine, 9/9/19

#IScream4Equality ice cream truck stops in Fredericksburg —, 9/4/19

IL Representative Steve Andersson’s OpEd: Equality Opponents’ Falsehoods on Abortion — Arizona Capitol Times, 8/29/2019

ERA in 2020? — Richmond Magazine, 8/26/19

Pam Northam, Anne Holton urge Virginia lawmakers to ratify ERA — Richmond Times Dispatch, 8/26/19

Northam calls on Virginia to ratify Equal Rights Amendment — Channel 8 ABC News, 8/26/19

Virginia Marks Women’s Equality Day — WVTF Public Radio, 8/26/19

The U.S. Constitution Doesn’t Guarantee Equal Rights for Women. Here’s Why — Time, 8/23/19

Stephens and Tourigny column: One man blocks gender equality. Democracy requires debate and a vote — Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/20/2019

ERA advocate held without bond on indecent exposure charge — Virginia Mercury, 2/20/2019

How Virginia could place the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. Constitution — Good Morning Washington, 2/19/2019

Equal Rights Amendment protester arrested after exposing breast while recreating Virginia state seal — Newsweek, 2/19/2019

Start shedding Virginia’s intolerant past with Equal Rights Amendment ratification — The Hill, 2/18/2019

ERA advocates plan 24-hour vigil at Capitol as historic vote looms — Augusta Free Press, 2/18/2019

Pro-ERA protester portrays state seal for lawmakers, is arrested on charge of indecent exposure — Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/18/2019

Do American Women Still Need an Equal Rights Amendment? — New York Times, 2/16/2019

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Committee should advance ERA — Suffolk News-Herald, 2/15/2019

Rule 81, five consecutive readings and one weird trick advocates hope will get a floor vote on the ERA — Virginia Mercury, 2/14/2019

Inside the Virginia Capitol, a legislative duel over the ERA — Washington Post, 2/14/2019

ERA proponents taken away after ‘die in’ at Capitol — Washington Post, 2/14/2019

What You Don’t Know About the ERA Could Hurt You! — NextTribe, 2/14/2019

Va. House Democrats want to bring Equal Rights Amendment to the floor — Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/14/2019

How the House of Delegates’ dreaded sub-committee system killed LGBT protections, driver’s license suspension reform and, maybe, the ERA — Virginia Mercury, 2/14/2019

Kati Hornung: Dispel Myths and Ratify ERA — Virginian-Pilot, 2/14/2019

Virginia Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy Has a Message: ‘If You Want Something Done Well, Let a Woman Do It’ — Glamour, 2/11/2019

COKIE AND STEVE ROBERTS: Equal should really mean equal — Stillwater News Press, 2/7/2019

The Equal Rights Amendment is Back — The Indypendent, 2/6/2019

Massie: Opponents distort the ERA — The Roanoke Times, 2/5/2019

Day 5 of scandal watch in Richmond: With no word from Northam, life goes on in the capital — The Virginian-Pilot, 2/5/2019

Why women are wearing “ERA Yes” buttons at the State of the Union — Vox, 2/5/2019

Why women are wearing “ERA Yes” buttons at the State of the Union — Vox, 2/5/2019

Equal Rights Amendment back on front burner — Toledo Blade, 2/3/2019

Alyssa Milano’s next viral cause: women’s equality — Mashable, 2/2/2019

LETTER: Ransone scorns fairness, equality and democracy — Free Lance-Star, 1/31/2019

‘Simply in purgatory’: Advocates urge new steps to ratify ERA after Virginia defeat — Washington Post, 1/29/2019

Forty years later, the ERA is still not a part of the Constitution — PBS NewsHour, 1/29/2019

Patricia Arquette, Alyssa Milano rally for Equal Rights Amendment — The Hill, 1/29/2019

ERA Supporters to Protest Daily After Resolutions Killed in Va — Richmond2Day, 1/29/2019

Despite Setbacks, Activists Not Giving Up On Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia — Sojourners, 1/28/2019

Alyssa Milano on Why We Need the Equal Rights Amendment Right the F*ck Now — Cosmopolitan, 1/25/2019

Cardin, Murkowski Introduce Bipartisan Measure to Ensure Women Equal Rights in the Constitution — U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, 1/25/2019

Va. House elections committee defeats effort to revive ERA resolution — Richmond Times Dispatch, 1/25/2019

Commentary Update: ERA Bill Supporters Remain Hopeful — Style Weekly, 1/24/2019

Equal Rights Amendment Killed By GOP Virginia House Members — Patch, 1/24/2019

Letter: The Rev. Jason Duley, Sterling — Loudon Now, 1/22/2019

The Equal Rights Amendment Strikes Again — The Atlantic, 1/20/2019

Virginia Senate passes federal Equal Rights Amendment — LocalDVM, 1/15/2019

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 15, 2019: Time for Virginia to ratify the ERA — Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/15/2019

“Democracy in Peril?” Talk at JMU Addresses the ERA — WMRA, 1/15/2019

Richmond City Council Throws Its Support Behind The Equal Rights Amendment — NPR Community Idea Stations, 1/15/2019

Virginia Could Soon Place the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. Constitution — New York, 1/15/2019

A constitutional amendment for women’s equality: Is it finally time? — Salon, 1/15/2019

Virginia Senate passes ERA resolution by 26-14 vote — Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/15/2019

Virginia Senate passes federal Equal Rights Amendment — Washington Post, 1/15/2019

Virginia lawmakers consider Equal Rights Amendment ratification — News/Talk 960-AM & FM-107.3 WFIR, 1/14/2019

Opinion: The 2019 Virginia General Assembly has begun — The Progress-Index 1/13/2019

Opinion: Go ahead and ratify the ERA — The Progress-Index, 1/13/2019

Equal Rights Amendment — Foggy Bottom Line, 1/13/2019

Virginians Marched For Women and Minority Rights in Richmond – Richmond 2Day, 1/12/2019

State legislators assemble in Richmond for 2019 session — Fairfax County Times, 1/11/2019

Letter to the Editor: Time for full equal rights — Northern Virginia Daily, 1/11/2019

Local delegates playing key roles in the new effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment —, 1/10/2019

Equal Right Amendment Committee Meeting — Daily Press, 1/10/2019

After 47 years, Virginia lawmakers take first step toward ratifying Equal Rights Amendment — Daily Press, 1/10/2019

Equal Rights Amendment clears first hurdle — NBC12, 1/10/2019

General Assembly session opens in Richmond — WDBJ7, 1/9/2019

State Taxes, Corporate Incentives, Sports Betting: A Look At The 2019 Virginia General Assembly Session — WAMU, 1/9/2019

Virginia Black Caucus unveils legislative priorities — Washington Post, 1/9/2019

Commentary Open Forum: Ratify the ERA — Winchester Star, 1/9/2019

Virginia Senate Panel Passes Equal Rights Amendment — WBOC16, 1/9/2019

Equal Rights Amendment Gets Boost in Virginia — NBC4 Washington, 1/9/2019

Newport News City Council passes support of Equal Rights Amendment on 5-2 vote — Daily Press, 1/8/2019

Harrisonburg City Council adopts resolution supporting Equal Rights Amendment — WHSV3, 1/8/2019

Her Words, Her Actions: 10 Women Who Supercharged Our 2018 With Insight And Inspiration — Women You Should Know, 1/7/2019

Opinion: Virginia finally should pass Equal Rights Amendment — Fauquier NOW, 1/7/2019

Q&A: Will Virginia ratify the Equal Rights Amendment? — VCU News, 1/7/2019

Letter to the Editor: It’s time to pass the Equal Rights Amendment — Richmond Times Dispatch, 1/5/2019

ABA president urges Virginia lawmakers to ratify Equal Rights Amendment — ABA Journal, 1/3/2019

Letter to the Editor: Women in the service and the ERA — News & Advance, 1/3/2019

Opinion: Surovell lays out legislative agenda for upcoming General Assembly session — Fort Hunt Herald, 1/3/2019

Opinion: Del. Ken Plum: Politics and Policies in 2019 — Reston Now, 1/3/2019

Editorial: Fast Starts to 2019 Races — Falls Church News Press, 1/3/2019

Arlington Can Play Role in Passing ERA — The Connection, 12/31/2018

A New Era for the ERA — Virginia Business, 12/31/2018

Letters to the Editor: Virginia, let’s pass the ERA + The time for the ERA is now — News & Advance, 12/31/2018

Will Virginia be the next to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment — AP News, 12/28/2018

Poll Shows Strong Support in Virginia for Equal Rights Amendment — WFIR, 12/27/2018

Letter to the editor: Columnist stuck in the past — The News & Advance, 12/26/2018

Come January, Virginia might be making history. A local woman is making that happen — Local DVM News, 12/21/2018

Letter to the Editor: A Christmas List of Gifts for Others — VA Gazette, 12/21/2018

Letter to the Editor: The ERA means equality for all — The News & Advance, 12/21/2018

Opinion: VA Senator John Edwards: Virginia should ratify the ERA — Roanoke Times, 12/21/2018

Organization uses postcards to urge lawmakers to ratify equal rights amendment — WHSV News 3, 12/20/2018

State Lawmakers Urged to Back Equal Rights Amendment — Loudoun Now, 12/19/2018

Letter to the Editor: Virginia, the ERA still needed
The News & Advance, 12/19/2018

Radio: Law of The Land with Gloria J. Browne-Marshall with special guest VA Senator Jennifer McClellan on VA ratifying the ERA — WBAI Public Radio, 12/18/2018

Letter to the Editor: It’s time for Virginia to ratify Equal Rights Amendment — Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, 12/18/2018

Letter to the Editor: It’s time to ratify the ERA, Virginia — The News & Advance, 12/16/2018

Arlington County News Release: County Board Adopts 2019 Legislative Package — Arlington County, 12/15/2018

Council urges General Assembly to ratify Equal Rights Amendment — Radford News Journal, 12/14/2108

Letter to the Editor: On the ERA: Time for Virginia to Make History — Fauquier Times, 12/13/2018

Poll: 80 percent of Virginians support Equal Rights Amendment — WHSV 3 News, 12/12/2018

Editorial: On the ERA and ACA: What you need to know now — Fauquier Times, 12/12/2018

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment — In Conversation, 12/10/2018

Editorial: Equal Rights — Winchester Star, 12/08/2018

VAratifyERA guests on Open Source RVA — 12/07/2018

Fauquier’s state delegates split on the Equal Rights Amendment — Fauquier Times, 12/07/2018

Voters favor Amazon move, ERA, sports betting and casinos —  Fairfax News, 12/05/2018

Poll: Virginians support Amazon deal, overwhelmingly back ERA ratification —  Channel 13 ABC News, 12/05/2018

Poll: Virginians approve of Northam, Amazon deal and casinos, but take dim view of Trump —  Washington Post, 12/05/2018

Del. Torian on the ERA: Make America great again ‘code for make America white again’ —  Prince William Times, 12/05/2018

Powhatan supervisors support ERA in split vote — Richmond Times Dispatch, 12/05/2018

Virginia may be final state needed for ERA ratification — WUSA9, 11/30/2018

What obstacles are left for the ERA? Virginia’s legislature — and other hurdles too — Washington Post, 11/29/2018

Equal Rights Amendment campaign sets sights on General Assembly session — Virginia Mercury, 11/29/2018

Opinion: Time to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment — CNN: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, 11/25/2018

Virginia may be the key to finally ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment — CNN, 11/19/2018

Will The Equal Rights Amendment Be Ratified Anytime Soon? Virginia Is Working On It — Bustle, 11/19/2018

Virginia Could Be The State To Give Women Equal Rights Nationwide — NPR: All Things Considered, 11/18/2018

Arlingtonians Weigh In on 2019 Legislative Priorities — ArlingtonVA.US, 11/17/2018

Virginia Could Become Last State Needed to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment — WTKR News 3, 11/16/2018

ERA Supporters Gear Up for Fresh Fight in Richmond — WDBJ News 7, 11/16/2018

Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) calls VA as the next state to ratify the ERA — CSPAN, 11/15/2018

Hurst: Virginia’s historic chance to finally ratify the ERA — The Roanoke Times, 11/15/2018

CASEY: A push for Virginia to approve the Equal Rights Amendment — The Roanoke Times, 11/14/2018

Equal Rights Amendment Bus Tour makes a stop at Mary Baldwin University — Staunton News Leader, 11/14/2018

Delegate Simon’s Richmond Report — Falls Church News-Press, 11/14/2018

1 on 1: Bob Corso interview with Kati Hornung, campaign coordinator of VA Ratify ERA — WHSV Channel 3, 11/14/2018

Campaign for Equal Rights Visits UVA Rotunda — NBC 29, 11/14/2018

Activists and Politicians Gather At Mason To Support ERA  — George Mason University: Fourth Estate, 11/12/20188

Equal Rights Amendment Bus Tour Kicks Off — Radio IQ / WVTF Virginia’s Public Radio, 11/12/2018

It’s Time for Virginia to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment — The Progress Index, 11/11/2018

VAratifyCampaign Bus Stopping at JMU — The Winchester Star, 11/11/2018

YOWELL: Support the ERA at U.Va. — The Cavalier Daily, 11/5/2018

Rupert Murdoch Is Funding a Feminist Ad Campaign. Seriously. — Daily Beast, 10/31/2018

Why the United States Constitution Needs An Equal Rights Amendment — teen VOGUE, 10/29/2018

Kaye Kory: Ratifying ERA will help alleviate gender bias — The Virginia Pilot, 10/29/2018

Letter to the Editor: State Must Ratify ERA — Arlington Connection, 10/24/2018

Blacksburg Town Council approves resolution urging Virginia to ratify Equal Rights Amendment — The Collegiate Times at Va Tech, 10/24/2018

Panel pushes for Virginia to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment — CBS19 News, 10/21/2018

Letter to the Editor — The Free Press, 10/17/2018

Alyssa Milano: An Equal Rights Amendment would have helped Christine Blasey Ford — USA Today, 10/12/2018

Virginia’s Long Fight to Ratify the ERA: Interview with Senator Janet Howell (D-32) — Blue Virginia, 10/04/2018

#MeToo was a culture shock. But changing laws will take more than a year. — USA Today, 10/04/2018

Letter to the Editor: Prof. Norment should no longer advocate against the ERA — The College of William & Mary’s student paper The Flat Hat, 10/02/2018

Letter to the Editor: Loudoun Board failed Loudoun County residents — LoudounNow, 9/28/2018

Supervisors back ERA amendment on 4-2 vote — The Northern Virginia Daily, 9/26/2018

Letter to the Editor: Equal means Equal — The Northern Virginia Daily, 9/25/2018

Buona Blocks Symbolic Equal Rights Amendment Vote — Loudoun Now, 9/15/2018

On Eve of Midterms, A Push for the Equal Rights Amendment — RVA Magazine, 9/12/2018

Virginia Becomes Battleground Over Equal Rights Amendment — radio IQ,, 9/10/2018

Historic opportunity: Virginia has chance to ensure ERA adoption — OpEd by Senator Creigh Deeds — The Daily Progress, 9/9/2018

Bring the ERA to the General Assembly floor — OpEd by Delegate Jeion A. Ward — The Virginian-Pilot, 9/9/2018

Equal Rights Amendment — Letter to Editor by Randy Ihara — LoudounNow, 9/6/2018

Loudoun residents push to ratify Equal Rights Amendment —, 9/4/2018

Letter: Equal rights for women should be guaranteed by Constitutional amendment — Letter to the Editor by Neola Waller — Virginian-Pilot, 9/4/2018

Letter: Let state lawmakers vote on Equal Rights Amendment — Letter to the Editor by Tammie Mullins-Rice — Virginian-Pilot, 9/3/2018

Virginia should ratify ERA — OpEd by Senator Jennifer McClellan — Richmond Free Press, 8/30/2018

Senator Dance introduces National Woman’s Party and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in the Virginia Senate gallery, 8/30/2018

Campaign kicks off to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment — Charlottesville News First – CBS 19 NEWS, 8/27/2018

Virginia could be the 38th state to ratify the ERA — The Blue View, 8/27/2018

ERA Campaign in Charlottesville Kicks off With a Movie Screening — NBC 29 News, 8/27/2018

Alyssa Milano visits Gum Springs in support of ERA push — Covering the Corridor, 8/27/2018.

Screening with actress Alyssa Milano promotes VA ratification of Equal Rights Amendment — Fort Hunt Herald, 8/27/2018.

Votes for women! Photos from Alyssa Milano’s Equal Rights Amendment push — Fort Hunt Herald, 8/26/2018.

Actress Alyssa Milano in Woodbridge urges Virginia legislators to approve women’s rights amendment — Potomac Local, 8/26/2018

Hundreds attend event at Byrd Theatre to support Virginia’s effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment — Richmond Times Dispatch, 8/26/2018

COMMENTARY: Let’s fight to ratify Equal Rights Amendment — OpEd by Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy — The Free Lance-Star, 8/26/2018

Locke OpEd: Equality of rights is a necessary constitutional addition — OpEd by Senator Mamie Locke — The Daily Press, 8/26/2018

Not One More GenERAtion… Woman Leads Campaign To Get Equal Rights Amendment Ratified In Virginia — OpEd by Kati Hornung (VAratifyERA) — Women You Should Know, 8/26/2018

Your View: It’s Women’s Equality Day, Aug. 26, and we still need the ERA — Letter to Editor by Sarah Williams — Bristol Herald Courier, 8/26/2018

OPINION: Our Constitution needs an Equal Rights Amendment — OpEd by Kati Hornung (VAratifyERA) — University of Richmond Collegian, 8/25/2018

Activists Push for Virginia to Ratify the ERA — Washington, D.C. News 4, 8/24/2018

Women’s Equality Day — Virginia This Morning, CBS 6 Richmond, 8/24/2018

Virginia could be the last state needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. A new campaign aims to make sure it happens — Virginian-Pilot, 8/24/2018

Only one more state needs to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Will it be Virginia? — Virginia Mercury, 7/25/2018