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NEWSFLASH: American Bar Association supports Virginia’s efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment! Read their letter to Virginia’s legislative leadership here.

Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

Why, in the year 2019 with so many opportunities for American women, do we need the Equal Rights Amendment?

  1. The Constitution: the Constitution is the bedrock foundation of our nation’s laws. Since 1950, all international constitutions have included gender equality and so should ours!
  2. Judicial review: currently gender discrimination cases are treated with “intermediate scrutiny” versus the “strict scrutiny” guaranteed to race, religion, and country of origin (covered by the Fourteenth Amendment).
  3. Civil rights: women’s rights ARE civil rights.

On May 30, 2018, Illinois became the 37th, and next-to-last state needed, to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which would finally enshrine gender equality in the U.S. Constitution. Republican Illinois Representative, Steve Andersson, has a special request for Virginia since we are considered the state most likely to be the 38th ratification.

During the 2018 session the Equal Rights Amendment enjoyed bipartisan support with a patron list long enough to indicate easy passage on the full House and Senate floors. Unfortunately, the House Privileges and Elections committee did not docket the resolution and the Senate Rules committee voted against the resolution (7Y-9N; 9 Republicans voted no, 2 Republicans voted yes, 5 Democrats voted yes).

After the 2018 session, Senator Dick Black received a formal opinion from Attorney General Mark Herring that concluded

It is my opinion that the lapse of the ERA’s original and extended ratification periods has not disempowered the General Assembly from passing a ratifying resolution.

With a successful campaign launch on Women’s Equality Day (the long-awaited campaign launch video is below), an amazing “10 Days of ERA” bus tour, and local events around the state many Virginians are getting excited to celebrate the 400th anniversary of legislative deliberations this coming January.

Virginia’s next General Assembly session is just months away and despite the 2018 setback there is a clear path to the floor in both the House and the Senate for 2019. It all comes down to two powerful men and whether or not they want to see the Equal Rights Amendment get ratified in Virginia. Organizations across the Commonwealth are hard at work, educating and raising awareness among voters, attracting legislative and media attention to our issue, and amplifying the voices of constituents in key districts.

Join us! Virginia, let’s make history!